Cloverleaf Match Club is a traveling bowling club located in Fremont, California.  We travel from house to house, often hosting other clubs at Cloverleaf Family Bowl.   Our members love to meet new people and bowl in houses all over Northern California and Nevada.

The club is a members only group – if you’re interested in joining, please contact us.   If you would like to review our bylaws, click here.  To learn more about us, please browse through the links above.


Saturday, July 18, 4:30 PM at Grand Sierra in Reno

Saturday, July 19, 10:00 AM at Grand Sierra in Reno

Scheduled for the matches in Reno are: Jennifer, Merly, Gary B, George G, Adrienne, Shawn, Patty L, Dave L, Jeff M, Sue, Bansen, Michelle, Gary P, Benny, Ralph (Sunday), and Jim (Saturday)  We need 1 bowler for the two matches in Reno.

Cloverleaf Match Club Bowler of the Match: Manteca / Fairfield

vs. Manteca: Patty Latimer (+103) / Casey Bacon (+36)
vs. Fairfield: Marion Coit & Kate Laws (+75) / Mike Hockin (+47)

Bowling Star Card – PAY NO FINES if your Bowler of the Match

Bowling Star Card - Front
Bowling Star Card - Back

Cloverleaf Match Club 2014 Record:
WINS: 106.5 / LOSSES: 73.5 / .592%


Patty Latimer / Dave Latimer


Cloverleaf Match Club Total Pinfall – 2014
Cloverleaf – 383,479 / 2160 Games / 177.54 Average
Other Match Clubs – 380,566 / 2160 Games / 176.19 Average