Cloverleaf Match Club is a traveling bowling club located in Fremont, California.  We travel from house to house, often hosting other clubs at Cloverleaf Family Bowl.   Our members love to meet new people and bowl in houses all over Northern California and Nevada.

The club is a members only group – if you’re interested in joining, please contact us.   If you would like to review our bylaws, click here.  To learn more about us, please browse through the links above.

2016 Cloverleaf Match Club season dedicated in the memory of Gary Ekman and Jim Newray

Good evening fellow clubbers,

A solid day in Danville…

Traveled to Danville Sunday afternoon and we enjoyed a very nice result, winning 3 of the 4 matches contested.  

Rest of July match updates…

Saturday, July 30, 4:00 PM at Prosperity Lanes, 420 Henderson St, Grass Valley vs Gold Country.  Scheduled for this match are: Gary P, Les, Chris Y, Gary B, Dave L, Patty L, Fred, Mike R, George T, and Robert.  We still need 6 more for this match with at least 3 being women.

Sunday, July 31, 10:30 AM at Prosperity Lanes in Grass Valley vs Gold Country

Scheduled for this match are: Gary P, Les, Chris Y, Benny, Gary B, Chris G, Dave L, Patty L, Michelle, Bansen, Mike R, George T, and Robert.  We still need 3 more for this match with at least 2 being women.

Matches in August:

Saturday, August 6, 6:00 PM at Cloverleaf vs Amador

Saturday, August 20, 1:00 PM at Pacific Ave in Stockton

Sunday, August 21, 1:00 PM at Cloverleaf vs Fireside

Saturday, August 27, 6:00 PM at Cloverleaf vs Lido

Sunday, August 28, 1:00 PM at Castro Village in Castro Valley

As usual, please let me know the matches that you are available for.

Thanks and have a great week…


VS. Amador
Strikes: Patti Bingham (+119) / Bansen Elkins (+79)

Cloverleaf Match Club 2015 Record:
WINS: 92.5 / LOSSES: 76.5 / .547%

Cloverleaf Match Club Total Pinfall – 2015
Cloverleaf – 352,831 / 2028 Games / 173.98 Average
Other Match Clubs – 354,800 / 2028 Games / 174.95 Average